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The Big Freezone The Big Freezone

The Big Freezone

30 May – 2 June 2024
The Big Freezone

Discover the Essence of Conscious Living

Welcome to The Big Freezone – a unique gathering where mindfulness meets celebration, and where every beat and brushstroke is in tune with a higher purpose. Immerse yourself in an oasis of positive vibes, personal growth, and community connection. The Big Freezone is a tapestry of music and wellness, interwoven with eco-conscious practices and a commitment to social responsibility.

Embraced by the beauty of nature, our event unfolds as an immersive journey. Here, you’ll find a sanctuary of self-discovery, where moments of introspection bloom like wildflowers in a field of consciousness. At The Big Freezone we aspire to offer you a haven for personal transformation through meditation, yoga, and insightful workshops led by inspiring thought leaders. We beckon you to explore the inner landscape. To find your centre, deepen your practice, and discover the profound serenity within.

In the evening our festival stage comes alive with music and vibrant expressions of creativity. The rhythms are soulful, and the performances are a vivid celebration of human spirit and ingenuity.

But our offering is more than mere entertainment; it is a powerful platform for change. Be part of the dialogue, the transformation, the positive impact. We take pride in our eco-friendly ethos, with sustainable practices at the heart of our festival experience, we aim to leave a positive footprint on the planet.

At The Big Freezone community is the heartbeat. Here, you’ll find like-minded souls, each on their unique journey, yet all seeking the same depth of connection, a shared sense of purpose.

Join us in a celebration of consciousness, in an event that fuses the human spirit with the grandeur of our world. A warm and vibrant tapestry, where hearts and minds converge, to uplift and transform. We invite you to discover the essence of conscious living with us.

 Come to The Big Freezone and embark on a journey of self-discovery, community, and social change. Together, we can create a better world, one mindful step at a time. Join us in this celebration of consciousness.

With love

Brian, Vick and the Freezone Team

The Big Freezone

Until The Big Freezone


Are dogs allowed?

Sorry No! Strictly no dogs! We love dogs but its against the venue policy

Ticket problems?

Find ‘Your Freezone Festival order has been received’ email, scroll down, download ‘Festival ticket’ and just show the QR code at the gate, no need to print! Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Are BBQ’s allowed?

Raised BBQs are fine


Please be aware Freezone Festival is in a field! The ground is uneven and in adverse weather it may be difficult to traverse. The area we are allowed to use this year is not very accessible. We will have a disabled camping area with a disabled loo close to the festival hub. We know regrettably that this may prevent some people attending and will be continually seeking a solution in the future.

Where can I get a programme?

Programme will be available for download nearer the event. Also, there will be a large programme at the info tent so you can take a photo and store it on your phone…let’s save the trees!

Cash or Card?

Cash is much easier than card, if possible

What entrance should I use, and what time can I arrive?

– It’s the Cranborne Road, BH21 4JD entrance. The other one will be locked, so don’t go there!
– Thursday 9.00 AM – 10.00 PM
– Friday and Saturday 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM
– From Sunday 9.00 AM

What should I bring?

Don’t forget your plates & cups etc, yoga mats, blankets, open heart and a big smile


Delicious, fairly priced vegan & vegetarian food (including GF options) will be available to buy, or why not bring your own? And don’t forget your cups, plates and cutlery!

Check out our line up of Bands and DJs!

Freezone Festival Music Freezone Festival Music

Bed and Breakfast available from Gaunts House.

Contact them for details at or call 01202841522

Kids Freezone

General tickets give you access to the full 4 day festival and camping from 9.00am Thursday to 9.00 am Monday morning. Sunday ticket holders can arrive 9.00 am and leave at the end of the jollities

Free entry for kids 12 and under!