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Jyoti Manuel

Jyoti Jo Manuel

Jyoti has been practising yoga since 1974 and teaching since 1989.  Her path of yoga has been with children, education and children with different abilities. She is the founder of Special Yoga, a global training school for therapeutic yoga for all children. She has worked within education, the NHS and orphanages around the world.   She is currently offering anxiety and trauma emergency relief online programmes for Ukrainian families.

Workshops 1 & 2

Family yoga 

These days, we have to take every opportunity we can to spend time with our families. With everyone being busy with their own things, it’s easy to get lost in all of our day-to-day tasks.

I will lead you through joyful practices to stretch, move, work together in partner poses, breathe together, sing, relax together  offering parents, family members, and children the opportunity to have fun peacefully in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Yoga allows you to bring your family together with purpose. It heightens the quality of the connections that you build with your family.  You will leave with practises that can be used at home.  All ages and all children are welcome.

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FB: Jyoti Jo Manuel #specialyogaglobal