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After 30 years of  developing award winning health and wellbeing programmes across the UK that benefited 1000’s of people, at 50 years of age, Layne’s life suddenly imploded emotionally, physically and financially leaving him with the realisation of self neglect.. but also a golden opportunity to embark on a new and extraordinary journey of discovering ways for himself to become a better man and the betterment of those he loves and serves. Layne’s journey has led him to a deep relationship with nature and the primal as a bushcraft instructor and forest bathing practitioner. He is also founder of ARISINGMEN, an immersive wellbeing community supporting male mental and physical health and regularly hosts ARISINGMEN GATHERINGS and ARISINGMEN WILD NATURE IMMERSIONS.

Workshops 1 & 2

The Magnificent 7 for Arising Men (For Men 18+)

Archetypes are fundamental, universally recognised patterns of human behaviour and characteristics that have been woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness throughout history. They serve as symbolic templates that help us understand and navigate the complexities of life, allowing us to connect with the deeper, more primal aspects of our own personalities and the world around us. Among the myriad archetypes that exist, Layne has chosen seven stand outs  that can be  particularly compelling and powerful, each with its own unique qualities and significance: 

In this exploration, we delve into the rich tapestry of these archetypes, unravelling their unique characteristics and the roles they can positively play in our personal narratives and collective stories. By amplifying these archetypes within ourselves, we can unlock a deeper understanding of our own complexities and those of others, ultimately leading to personal growth, fulfilment, and the potential for positive impact on the world

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