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Marissa Whitty

Marisa Whitty – Lifesurfing

Marisa has been facilitating well-being approaches and practices for over 20 years, starting out as a Reiki practitioner/master and holistic bodyworker. She now teaches trauma sensitive mindfulness meditation (MBCT) to both children and adults, Qoya Inspired Somatic Movement practice, and deeply restful Yoga Nidra. Marisa is a certified hypnotherapist, and counsellor in training.

Workshop 1

Qoya Inspired Somatic Movement (everyone welcome)

A beautiful blend of yoga and dance, this is an amazing way to create body-mind connection. Using music and yoga inspired sequences we tune into how the body feels rather than what the mind is thinking or judging. Each class has a playlist and a theme to allow a depth of practice. Best bit about Qoya is there’s no way you can do it wrong, your body is your guide.

Workshop 2

Hypnoga (everyone welcome)

This integration of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) and Hypnotherapy provides a deeply nourishing, restful, healing space for whatever you want or need to receive; whether that’s relaxation and rejuvenation or manifesting a more specific intention. 

Workshop 3

Lifesurfing for Teens

A mindfulness workshop for young people curious about meditation, ask any questions, dispel any myths, and start to develop a practice. We will explore how mindfulness can help to support us in a number of different ways; coping with stress and anxiety, worries and fears, self-confidence and esteem, noticing patterns of thought and behaviour and finding ways to let go and reset, providing more peace of mind, clarity, and rest and relaxation.

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