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Pippa Seeta O’Connor

Somatic Body Mind Release 

Pippa Seeta has extensive experience spanning 25 years, guiding many people toward embracing the present moment, through play, courage and joy in their lives Her aim is to help individuals discover the truth of the present, transforming fear into adventure, joy and pleasure, activating one’s spirit joy. We all know while pain and pleasure are part of life, suffering is something we can choose whether to endure. We don’t need to tightly cling to our thoughts or physical form. Through her work in purifying and transforming challenges in a light and playful way by working with the mind, body, and spirit connection she helps people heal, gain confidence, and empower themselves, spreading love and positivity to benefit everyone.

Workshop 1

Somatic Body Mind Release 

Thisinvolves utilising movement, sound, breath, and bodywork to address and release stress, heightened feelings, and emotions that accumulate in the body. This approach recognizes that emotions and stress can create a physical charge or tension within our bodies, affecting our overall well-being and functioning.

Workshop 2

Sound resonations for body mind and spirit transformation 

A fun playful experimental workshop to open the heart and mind to change. In this workshop we will play our way into new behaviour, use the floor space to move the body, breath sound and connect to heart and spirit with self and others. Playing our way through life challenges and fear, opening up to the unknown as it is only in the unknown that change and new beginnings can happen to arrive in a new perspective.

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