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Shelley Shine

Shelley Shine

I have a broad spectrum of yoga philosophies and practices within my experience as well as dance and energy work. Ultimately it is all about how we connect and realise our inner nature of vibrancy and liberate that, even through the ‘story’ of our life. Get into the now and rekindle the flame that you already are… and it feels great. 

I love to share my practice and have a laugh because everything is better through joy. Come and play. We will explore the natural flow of energy through the body with yoga, a sense of humour and connection.

Workshop 1

Align and Shine

This is a playful yet informative practice for all body types. We bring architecture and form but also a flow of body sense moves through a yogic structure, sprinkled with good tunes and a sense of humour! A multilevel session with alternatives for everyone.

Finding the centre.. coming back to the sunshine within. structure and flow A unique and fun practice, with a structural approach and options to make the session accessible for everyone.

Workshop 2


Embracing the elements within us and exploring that dynamic through movement, breath and sound. All are welcome! 

Contact Info

FB: shelley bell 

Insta: #sunshinesesh