Brian Grant

Brian Grant

May 23, 2020

Freezone Festival 11-15 August 2021

Dear Lovely People

When we thought up the idea of putting on Freezone Festival the worst case scenario was extreme weather …. or so we thought ! Covid 19 was floating on the outskirts of the news when Vick and myself ventured off to India February last year. Within 5 weeks of being there we were in Indian style lockdown ( couldnt leave the room) drinking boiled water from the tap and being very creative with whatever food we had left .Cancelling the festival was very disappointing and a lot of arse ! We also lost money , time and a lot of effort that we had invested .

It has been a crazy year but our hopes have now been re-ignited that it will be possible to realise our dream and put on an event that focusses on community , healing , exploration and love .

We dont know what the future holds but we are moving forward with positivity and vigour to offer you the best festival experience we can !

We’ve changed the booking system so that if refunds do have to be issued they will cost a lot less to everybody. We have a covid 19 risk assessment in place to keep everyone as safe as possible and most workshops will be outdoors in well ventilated structures .

Right now the worst case scenario is if Aliens attack earth ! 😊


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